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I was a field coordinator/producer for their Los Angeles location.

Awards for the show

 gODTalk 2.0 has won 14 Telly Awards (including 2 GOLD Statutes) and 2 Shorty Awards.

God Talks poster
GOD Talks 2.0
Production and Field Coordination

About #gODTalk 2.0 Digital #BlackFaith

gOD-Talk, a program spearheaded by the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Center for the Study of African American Religious Life, delves into the relationship of millennials to religion and spirituality.

The project hosts a series of conversations aimed at uncovering how millennials interact with religion and the transformative nature of community, the internet, and space. gOD-Talk features leading millennial voices and seeks to amplify their experiences in a curated conversation that will be documented and streamed to online audiences. By using a lower case "g" for the word "gOD' we are highlighting the ways in which this program will "transgress" traditional/orthodox boundaries and figurative/literal designations of that which is considered sacred.

“gOD-Talk 2.0: Digital #BlackFaith” will be an intergenerational discussion about Black religion in the digital age.

To view the project click here 

Alter Ego

I am a production assistant for their show.

About Alter Ego

ALTER EGO is an all-new original singing competition where lost dreams and second chances are reignited when singers from all walks of life become the stars they’ve always wanted to be. However, these contestants won’t perform as themselves. Rather, they’ll be given the chance to show how they’ve always wanted to be seen, creating their dream avatar ALTER EGO to reinvent themselves and perform like never before.

To view the project click here Coming this fall.

Nickelodeon's Treasure Truck

I was a Covid production assistant for their show.

About Nickelodeon's Treasure Truck

Nickelodeon teams up with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) to challenge four neighboring families in a series of games for a chance to unlock Nickelodeon’s Treasure Truck and take home the ultimate holiday gift pack. The families put their friendships to the test in three rounds of messy, holiday-themed challenges, including the Ornament Plow, The Claw, and the Snowman Shuffle. After each round, one family is eliminated until only one is left standing and declared the Treasure Truck Champion!

To view the episode click here .


I was a production assistant for their commerical.


Volkswagen Commercial for a variety of their new vehicles. 

Stay tuned.

Life of the Party

I was an office production assistant for their show.

Wall Duet

I was a production assistant for their show.


I m not at liberty to share as of yet any images or more information of these shows, but here is the beautiful stage we were able to work with and later transform completely. 

About Life of the Party (pilot episode)

LOTP is a comedy show mixed in with a talent show.

About Wall Duet (pilot episode)

Wall Duet is a talent show mixed with guessing who the other singer is.

family dinner

Family Dinner

I was a production assistant for a couple episodes.

About Family Dinner

Andrew Zimmern visits families across the United States to enjoy their families meals and explores the different cultures affected in the food and how they eat them.

Episodes have not been released. Stay tuned!

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